On Altered Violating Basements, There Is No Certificate Of Description
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According to the head of the Violations Removal Department in the Hawalli Municipality, Ayed Al-Qahtani, a certificate of description will not be issued to any building if the violating basement has not been reverted to its original state. This is applicable for basements used as parking lots, service areas for the building’s residents, or warehouses for construction materials.

In an interview with an Arab daily, the official said this approach would oblige the owners of buildings and investment housing to rectify the violation basements, since they are licensed by the municipality.

Engineer Ahmed Al-Manfouhi, Director General, stressed the importance of taking legal action against those who do not comply, hence the basement will be waxed. The official also said that the inspection teams carry out their duties through the subsequent disclosure, as it is not enough to write the report and the warning, but there will be a follow-up.

22 Sep, 2022 126
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