Oil And Gas Company Doesnt Pay Salaries On Time 6 Months Salary In Balance
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I am working in a reputed company in the Oil & Gas sector but for some time now the company is not paying our salaries on time (6 months salary in balance) and employees are resigning.

My question is that I have resigned as I have got a good offer but I don’t want to serve the notice period. The company is not agreeing to release me without serving the notice period.

Can I approach the labor department and inform them about the company condition and the reason for not serving the notice period? Is it possible to get the release without serving the notice period in such cases?

Name withheld

Answer: The company will not give you the release without completion of the notice period and it has the right to do so although it is on the wrong side of the law if you see the wider picture.

If you have not received your salaries for six months, then you should file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor, which will not only get you your salaries but also sanction your transfer.



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