Nurse Infected With Corona Virus While He Was Shopping At Al-Daiyah Co-op
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In paradoxically, a nurse working in Jaber Hospital was infected with Corona virus while he was shopping at Al-Daiyah Co-operative Society, where he was taking all health precautions while working to receive infected cases on a daily basis, but the virus had been observed in another place.

Nurse Mustafa Kamal said in a statement to “Al-Rai” that he was infected with the virus after the results of the tests were positive, stressing that the infection was caused by contact with the association.

“I used to take health precautions while working in the quarantine of Jaber Hospital, but I was infected with the virus and it became clear that the site of the infection was Al-Daiya Association. I felt fear for my family after the results appeared, and unfortunately they also became infected with the virus and were hospitalized.”

he confirmed that the infection transmitted to his family too



10 May, 2020 1480
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