Number Of Cases With Severe Disabilities Hits 20,415
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The Director-General of the Public Authority for Disability Affairs, Dr Shafiqah Al-Awadi, stated in a press statement that 15,397 certificates of permanent disability have been issued and that the cases of people with severe disabilities registered with the authority has reached 20,415, reports Al-Anba daily.

Al-Awadi confirmed that the files of this category should be reviewed by the specialized committee formed by the authority for this purpose and issued 8,879 permanent disability certificates and disclosed another 6,500 certificates are in the issuance phase.

She added, the total number of permanent disability certificates issued by the authority is 15,379, which will relieve the handicapped of the issue of attending committees.

Meanwhile, commenting on the failure of the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Raja Bu’arki for more than two months, and as a result of numerous contacts received by Al-Anba inquiring about the reasons for this, Al-Anba learned after making contacts with senior officials in the Ministry of Education that the Assistant Undersecretary for Administrative Affairs in the Ministry of Education, Raja Bu’arki, was a victim of theft and was dragged along a street in Paris by a motorcyclist who attempted to steal her wristwatch, reports Al-Anba daily.

This happened when the official was in Paris with an official educational delegation. The sources, quoting witnesses indicated the perpetrator dragged her by her hand in an attempt to snatch the watch, but he was unable to do so but Bu’arki was dragged along the street for a short distance which resulted in bruises to her hands and legs.

However, the thief escaped with the handbag containing her identification papers. The sources praised the role played by the Kuwaiti embassy in Paris and all members of the delegation. Unfortunately, after Bu’arki’s return to Kuwait she was subjected to another accident which resulted in severing her veins in one of the legs which followed by a stroke and necessitated hospitalization. She is still on sick leave



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