Notice Period Is It 26 Days Or 30 Days Per Month
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I have one question, that I couldn’t find in Law of Labour in the Private Sector No. 6 of 2010. Quoted from your achieve regarding the term of working day in the link: news/payroll-calculation/ “So, while calculating overtime, annual leave and indemnity we take the working days as 26.

So, if an employee has 30 working days paid leave a year the salary is first divided by 26 and only then multiplied by 30 to arrive at the leave salary”. My question, if plan to resign from our company.

How many days in the term of “a three month” notice that we need to fulfill to abide the Law? Is it 3×26 days as per above achieve or is 3×30 days?

Name withheld

Answer: Three months means three months, nothing more nothing less. This means that if you begin your notice period on Sept 1, you will work upto Nov 30. Within this period you will continue to enjoy the offdays as usual and these will be counted as part of the notification period.


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