Not Eligible For NOC From KSE – Will I Have Problem In Renewing My Driving License
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I hold a Diploma in Electrical Engineering passed in 1992 but always worked in IT field as support engineer. I came to Kuwait in 2001 with the designation ‘Computer Engineer’ (No one asked for degree at that time). Got a driving license in 2003 when my salary was KD 350 (salary bar was KD 300 at that time). Now I know that I’m not eligible for NOC from KSE. What should I do?

Is it possible to change my designation as ‘IT Technician’ or ‘IT Operator’ etc and renew my residence on the basis of my diploma?

My salary is now above KD 750, so will they renew my driving license (I’m a diploma holder and got license in 2003.)

Name withheld

Answer: When it comes to the question of designation change, we can’t put a definite answer to it because we are privy to some having their designation changes accepted and others having theirs rejected. In short each case may be determined on its own merit. Our advice to you therefore is that discuss the issue of designation change with your mandoub and let him take up that option if he deems it possible.

On the issue of your driving license renewal we don’t think you will face any problems with a designation change since you acquired the license before the current stipulation of being a university graduate to be eligible to apply for a driving license.



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