Nod To Barcode Shopping In Markets During Curfew
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The head of the Obstacles Removing Department in the Jahra Municipality branch, Sulaiman Al-Ghais, said next June is the deadline for the handover of a project site in the south of Saad Abdullah City to the Public Authority for Housing Welfare (PAHW) after removing all forms of obstacles that prevent the completion of the project even if these belong to the state ministries or the private sector. This came during a Ramadan tour carried out by the Jahra Municipality to cooperative societies and shops in parallel markets to ensure their compliance with health requirements.

Al-Ghais explained the tour is aimed at ensuring the implementation of health precautions during the curfew period in supermarkets and cooperative societies, and to determine the extent to which health requirements are applied in them, stressing that this is done upon instructions from the Committee to follow up the health requirements set up by the Council of Ministers, indicating inspections tours will be conducted on a daily basis. He added, “We have started activating evening shopping via barcode in central markets during the curfew hours based on the decision issued by the Municipality. If case of dispute over non-compliance the committee will make use of the CCTV footage installed at the central markets and other places to prove or deny the incident. Regarding the clearing campaign in the South Saad Al-Abdullah city project, Al-Ghais said, “We have started in the farms and camps and have issued warnings after making announcements in October and November 2020 and we have informed them of the deadline for implementing the clearances which is next June.”



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