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The spokesperson for the General Administration of Civil Aviation, Saad Al-Otaibi, revealed intensive meetings with the relevant agencies to implement the Cabinet's decision regarding institutional quarantine at local hotels for all arrivals to the country for a period of 7 days at their own expense, as of February 21, by registering in The Kuwait Traveler platform, provided that you complete the prescribed quarantine period (7 more days) at home.

Saad Al-Otaibi announced in a special statement to Al-Qabas that the most prominent perception raised regarding institutional quarantine is that no citizen or resident travels outside the country except after booking and selecting the institutional quarantine site in a hotel and paying the financial costs in full, saying, “The financial costs are not refundable, The traveler will pay it before travel, so that it includes the institutional confinement period set for 7 continuous days. ”

“But how will it be to deal with people coming to the country for the first time?” Al-Qabas asked Al-Otaibi, and he replied: “First-time arrivals must book a hotel through the Kuwait Traveler platform before they reach the country to apply the institutional quarantine period.” 

And that the airlines will be entrusted with making sure that travel requirements are met for those coming to the country, whether in relation to conducting a PCR examination or adopting institutional quarantine in hotels. 

All hotels 

Al-Otaibi said that coordination is taking place with the Ministry of Information represented by the tourism sector and the Hotels Association regarding hotels participating in institutional quarantine, as the field will be available to all hotels according to specific health requirements. Regarding the most important requirements that will be placed in hotels, Al-Otaibi stated that the application of health requirements in front of the quarantined will be the responsibility of the hotels, as dedicated roles will be placed in each hotel for incoming travelers, and meals will be provided to them in closed boxes to prevent the transmission of the Corona virus.

Regarding hotel prices and their costs, Al-Otaibi replied that the prices will be available to all, and no specific price has been agreed upon. Rather, the traveler can choose the hotel and the price that corresponds to his financial capabilities in the institutional quarantine, as 3, 4 and 5-star hotels will be available for all comers to the country.

Commercial operation 

The Supreme Committee for the Resumption of Commercial Flights at Kuwait International Airport, during its tenth meeting yesterday, discussed developments in commercial operation in light of the developments of the Corona pandemic, with the participation of several bodies, including the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior and Finance, as well as the General Administration of Customs and the General Secretariat for Planning and Development.

The committee discussed the mechanism for implementing the recent decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the application of the institutional quarantine, as of February 21.

Excluding the sick and the elderly 

Al-Otaibi asked about the existence of groups that will be excluded from institutional quarantine, whether the sick or the elderly, he stated that patients will be transferred to hospitals and will not be quarantined, while he is still looking to exclude the elderly from the institutional quarantine. 

10 controls for institutional quarantine in hotels 

1- Institutional quarantine is imposed on citizens and residents.
2- Airlines verify travelers' reservations for hotels. 
3- The traveler has the freedom to choose the hotel according to his capabilities.
4- Providing the opportunity for all hotels in the country to benefit from the institutional quarantine. 
5- Each hotel will allocate floors for the quarantined for a week. 
6- After the institutional quarantine period ends, the person completes the quarantine at home. 
7- The hotel will ensure that packaged meals are provided to the quarantined to prevent infection with the virus. 
8- Hotel financial costs are not refundable, and the traveler will pay it before travel. 
9 - Civil Aviation coordinates with the "media" represented by the tourism sector and the Hotels Association. 
10- Application of health requirements in front of the quarantined will be the responsibility of hotels.


However, as of now, there are no changes yet in the status of the 35 countries from which direct arrivals are banned. Passengers from these countries


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