No Reduction In The Hours Of Malls, Taxis Exempted In Public Transport Reduction
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The Council of Ministers decided not to reduce the working hours of complexes, restaurants, cafes and shops, and stipulated the refresher dose to attend sports activities and enter salons, barber shops and health clubs, and specified employees in ministries and public transport riders to no more than 50%, and exempted taxis, and stipulated that the immunization of workers in nurseries and children’s clubs should be completed, i.e. Obtaining the third dose for those who received the second dose 9 months ago, and holding meetings, conferences and internal courses remotely, starting tomorrow.

For its part, the Civil Service Bureau published a circular that included canceling the attendance and leaving fingerprint, approving the signature statements, and reinstating the decision to exempt from work for chronic disease cases.

For his part, government spokesman Tariq Al-Mirzam stressed that the ban and the closure of the airport were not discussed from far or near.

Al-Mirzam pointed to the government’s cooperation with the council, revealing that the government has had two years to respond to the calls for special sessions.

The government spokesperson stressed that everyone is partners in implementing health requirements, and the Cabinet did not stop social events to move to other places to hold weddings, saying: The conditions are healthily stable and our measures to repel the increases that indicate that “Omicron” is spreading rapidly, and adherence to the requirements is a necessity, with permission..

Al-Mirzam revealed that the Ministries of Health and Interior and the General Administration of Civil Aviation had been assigned to review the duration and procedures for quarantining those coming from abroad, within a week of its date.

Dr. Mustafa Reda announced that the vaccinated person was defined as the person who received two doses of the approved vaccine in Kuwait and did not complete a period of 9 months after receiving the second dose, the infected person who has not passed 28 days since the positive result of the Pcr test, and the unvaccinated is the one who has not received any dose or who has taken the second dose since More than 9 months ago, he did not apply for the third dose, calling them to take the booster dose.

He added: We have taken measures to provide approved (Covid-19) vaccines for the age group between 5 and 11 years, and they will arrive in the country in the coming weeks.

Official Spokesman Tariq Al-Mirzam announced that the passenger reduction in public transport does not include taxis.





11 Jan, 2022 2042
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