No Curfew Kuwait Confirms
Category: Coronavirus
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No decision has been made to impose a nationwide curfew, said Government Spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem on Tuesday.

"A decision (on curfew) is contingent upon the compliance of citizens and residents with the guidelines of health authorities," Al-Mezrem said on twitter.

Earlier in the day, National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim urged all citizens and residents to stick to government decrees, mainly averting gatherings, to stave off coronavirus outbreak.

Earlier today, Interior Minister restated that a decision to impose a national curfew is "in the cards" should relevant instructions, mainly steering away from gatherings, be unfulfilled. "This option (curfew) is likely to be put in place, if people fail to keep away from gatherings," the minister warned.

17 Mar, 2020 6504
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