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The Ministry of Defense has acknowledged the news report that was published by the Al-Rai newspaper about a senior officer who is suspected of obtaining the Kuwaiti nationality through fraud, reports the daily.

The Chief-of-Staff of the Kuwait Army also commented on the status of the senior officer who said to be the member of the investigation committee formed by of the Audit Bureau to run a check on the final accounts and military contracts budget of the Ministry of Defense as well as investigating the monetary violations committed during the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Italian government for the purchase of the Eurofighters.

However, a statement issued in this regard said the officer now is not involved and has been replaced after the issue of his nationality surfaced and the file has been referred for investigation. The ministry stressed on the cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Interior for the exchange of security information on special files of all military personnel irrespective of their ranks including non-commissioned officers and privates. 
The ministry added no personnel are given the honor to join the military service in the Kuwaiti army except after checking and verifying all offi- cial documents and statements according to the conditions of joining the Kuwaiti army.

The Ministry of Defense is concerned with the nationality file of all its members, which is of utmost importance for the preservation of the public interest, while offering full respect and confidence to all its members.

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