New Rule From Feb 2020 - Do Not Remove Bottom Of Car Book
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Often the owner of the vehicle rushes to “adjust” the car’s license book (notebook) once it is received by cutting off the excess parts of it, but this will not be allowed from next month (Feb 2nd), as the bottom part of it will include important information that makes it an integral part of the license itself.

This comes at the request of the Ministry of Interior to the traffic sectors and service centers, to alert Kuwaitis and Expats not to remove the white bottom connected to the car’s notebook, after February 2, it will become an integral part of the notebook, and it will contain important data, which is the name of the owner and previous insurance company data.

The Ministry stated in its circular that the issuance of vehicle driving licenses with new additions will start from February 2, including the name of the owner in English of the vehicle driving license (people only), in addition to the previous insurance company at the bottom of the vehicle book.



30 Jan, 2020 3650
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