New Municipality Bill To Be Applied Upon Issuance
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The new draft bill approved by the National Assembly amending the Kuwait Municipality Law 5/2005 and, will be applied issuance, said Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of Communications Essa Ahmad Al-Kandari.

Following today's parliamentary meeting that also referred the bill to the government, the minister urged people to abide by the law and stop building violations, to avoid penalties. The government had introduced the amendments to avoid the legal loopholes and legislative shortcomings of the present law.

The amendments covered three aspects, the first of which is the Municipal Council, to remedy delays in projects as well as citizens' transactions. The second pivot aims to dissolve the overlapping between the Kuwait Municipality and other government bodies. The last one tightens penalties on building violations through several strict regulations to overcome the phenomenon that came to "disturb the Kuwaiti people."

The new bill includes a new provision; Municipality Director General has the power to cut electricity from the whole building in cooperation with the relevant government bodies, in case of having a final ruling on violation, the minister said.

The penalties also cover contractors and consultancy offices who are involved in violations.

14 Jun, 2016 0 926
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