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Residency Renewal for Engineers:  

With reference to “New Implementation from Kuwait Society of Engineers - KSE and Ministry Of Foreign Affairs - MOFA attestation”, please be informed  that, KSE has imposed new regulations for membership renewal.  

They now require the following original documents from all engineers, including  the ones having already membership.  

(1) Original University Degree Certificate duly attested by the various  organizations ending with Kuwait Foreign Affairs Ministry.  

(2) Original Mark sheets / Transcripts showing the course subjects and their grades  also duly attested by the various organizations ending with Kuwait Foreign Affairs  Ministry.  

(3) Original College Certificate duly attested by the various organizations ending  with Kuwait Foreign Affairs Ministry. (Please see below note)  


If College name is not mentioned on Degree Certificate or mark sheets / transcripts  then we need to attest any certificate issued by college (Conduct, Transfer, Course  Completion, etc.). 

Without active membership, KSE will not issue NOC, which is a must for  residency renewal. All the originals will be Re-Verified at KSE even if we have valid membership.  

All the required documents should be attested from MOFA, Kuwait in the Year 2020, hence all are requested to get them attested again, even if any of our required  document is attested before the year 2020.  

They need to verify our documents whenever we apply to renew our membership  or issue NOC.  It is applicable even if we have valid membership. If we have renewed our  residency recently without verifying then we have to get our documents verified  when we apply for NOC before our next residency renewal. 

With respect to the MOFA attestation of our documents for KSE, please be  informed that as per new regulation by KSE, we have to visit MOFA with the letter  issued by KSE.  

MOFA will update it in their system on weekly basis and the same will be sent to  KSE for issuance of NOC. 
Once our name appears in the list KSE, they will approve our membership and  issue the NOC. 
Procedure to be followed: 

1. Visit KSE and submit copies of our Attested Degree Certificate, Attested  Mark sheet Copy/Copies, Attested College Certificate (if applicable), Civil  ID and Passport. 

2. KSE will issue letter for MOFA. 

3. Visit MOFA along with the KSE Letter and all our Original Documents to  be attested. 

4. MOFA will stamp the KSE Letter and take it back. 

5. Visit KSE (1 week later) along with the Hard Copy of the MOFA stamped  KSE Letter and all Attested Original Documents and a set of Color Copies  of all documents (front & back of attested document on same page) along  with Civil ID & Passport. 

6. Once our name appears in the weekly list sent by MOFA to KSE, our  membership will be approved and NOC will be issued.  


Those who have done the MOFA stamping recently, all engineers should also  follow the above procedure, visit MOFA show the KSE Letter and Attested  Documents, MOFA will update it in the system. 


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