New Kse Membership Renewal Process

20 January 2021 Kuwait Society of Engineers

Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) as Imposed New Regulations for applying membership or renewing membership.

I suggest you to Visit Kuwait society of Engineers once before doing anything to know what exactly is needed, carry all your original certificates, if you already have membership please carry that too.

I will explain the process below in detail.


Step 1Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) require the following original documents from all engineers, including the ones having already membership.  

Original University Degree Certificate or Convocation duly attested by the various organizations ending with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuwait (MOFA)

Mostly whoever comes to Kuwait gets the certificated attested while first time coming to Kuwait. If you are attesting for first time you can contact any agents for attestation.

You can check UROGULF which is best they charge 35 KD per certificate attestation.

Original Mark sheets or Final marks Sheet/ Transcripts showing the course subjects and their grades also duly attested by the various organizations ending with Kuwait Foreign Affairs Ministry.  

As most of us did not attest the marksheets, so you can contact any agent for attestation, it may take a month.

Original College Certificate duly attested by the various organizations ending with Kuwait Foreign Affairs Ministry. (Please see below note)  

Note: If College name is not mentioned on Degree Certificate or mark sheets / transcripts then we need to attest any certificate issued by college (Conduct, Transfer, Course Completion, etc.). 


Step 2 - Please take a Kuwait Society of Engineers (KSE) appointment. And visit by carrying following documents.

Original Certificate Attested and Copies
Original Marksheets Attested and Copies
Original College Certificate If Needed and Copies
Civil ID Original and Copies

They will verify all documents, if all documents are fine, they will keep a copy of university certificate, copy of marks sheet, copy of college certificate and Civil ID. and they will ask you to come after a week to collect the letter to submit to MOFA.


Step 3 – Take MOFA appointment, Ministry of foreign affairs (MOFA) appointment waiting is more than 10 days so better take early asap.

If your original university certificate is attested before 2020 , you need re attest by your embassy , then MOFA will attest


Step 4 – Visit MOFA according to your appointment date, For each certificate you need 5KD stamp  

5 KD stamp of University Certificate

5 KD stamp for Marksheet

5 KD stamp for College certificate if needed.

Submit the letter given by KSE and get your certificates attested.

Note – if your certificates attested before 2020 you to re attest by your embassy then MOFA will do attestation.

MOFA will and verify update it in their system on weekly basis and the same will be sent to KSE for issuance of NOC


Step 5  - Visit KSE (1 week later) along with all Attested Original Documents and a set of  Copies of all documents (front & back of attested document on same page) along with Civil ID & Passport

Once our name appears in the weekly list sent by MOFA to KSE, our membership will be approved, and NOC will be issued. 


Please let me know if i missed something or something is wrong


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