New Comer To Kuwait Want To Resign Before 3 Years Of Service
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I have spent 6 months with my employer. If I want to resign I will give 3 months notice period so it will be nine months. After that do I still have to pay 3 months salary and amount of money spent on the visa to my employer?

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Answer: If your employer brought you to Kuwait from your home country, then the law enjoins you to work three years for the employer before you can terminate your contract with him/ her.

On the other hand, if you were hired locally and you are not a university graduate, then the law compels you to work one year for the employer. If your are, however, a graduate, you can quit the job at any point in time but you have to give the mandatory 3 months notice.

With this explanation, your employer will be acting in accordance with the demands he/ she is making on you if you were brought from your country of origin on his/her sponsorship.

The sponsor will not be also acting ultra vires if you were hired locally but are not a university graduate. On the other hand, if you are a university graduate and was hired locally the sponsor has no right to demand any compensation from you unless you earlier entered into a signed agreement with him/her that specifically called for such a compensation in the event of a breach.



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