New Batches Of Domestic Workers Coming To Kuwait Soon

30 May 2021 Kuwait

The domestic labor market will witness, during the next few years, a wide breakthrough in the numbers of labor imported from the Philippines, through the arrival of new batches of them, by doubling the direct flights from Manila, by Kuwait Airways,Report’s Al jarida

Head of the Federation of Domestic Workers’ Recruitment Agencies Khaled Al-Dakhnan revealed that the union is in direct and continuous contact with the officials of the “safety” platform, to ensure the increase in direct flights, which transport domestic workers from the Philippines to Kuwait, to 5 trips per month, instead of two trips currently, in order to fill the acute shortage. Which the market suffers from this employment for about 18 months.

Al-Dakhnan explained that starting from the current and next two weeks, most local recruitment offices will start receiving domestic workers coming through them from the Philippines, which are not small numbers, indicating that “this comes after the approval of the Labor Export Union in Manila on our request for a review of the controls. And the requirements that may delay the recruitment process, and find urgent solutions to ensure the acceleration of the arrival of these workers. “

He added, “The Philippine Federation has agreed to our request regarding the exclusion of workers coming to Kuwait from the training course that new workers who have not previously worked in any of the Gulf countries must pass in a specialized government institute, to be awarded in similar private institutes there, in a manner that guarantees an increase in the number of workers.” Labor attendance in one session, and this is positively reflected in the multiplication of work requests there. “

While Al-Dakhnan confirmed the return of the recruitment process from the Philippines to its correct state, he stressed the need for citizens and residents, who wish to recruit, to adhere to the terms of the tripartite work contract in full, calling on office owners to abide by the recruitment costs specified by the recent decision of the Minister of Commerce, and appealed to citizens and residents the need to immediately report any violations. Concerning recruitment costs, on the ministry’s hotline (135).

In addition, the “Balsalama” platform specified the terms, conditions and procedures for returning the money paid for bringing in domestic workers.

These conditions are as follows: If the sponsor decides to cancel the attendance of the worker, he must submit an online request, then contact National Aviation Services’ customer service, and in the event that a refund of the inspection amount is requested before performing the first pcr examination, a service fee will not be charged, but in the event that the procedures begin Return fees will vary, depending on the stage of your refund request.

According to the controls, in the event of canceling positive cases for pcr, and changing the date, fees will be imposed by the National Aviation Services Company on the sponsor, and he shall bear the first pcr fee, and muna transaction fees, and in the event of a refund request upon obtaining positive results of the examination, 10 percent of the total value will be deducted the service.

In the event that flights are canceled by the company 72 hours in advance, it is obligatory for Jazeera Airways or Kuwait Airways to re-book all passengers at no additional cost.



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