National Assembly Called On The Government To Optimize Supervision
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The National Assembly has called on the government to optimize its supervision over its authorities especially concerning state projects since none of the officials have been referred to the Public Prosecution given the number of violations that have been recorded.

This came during the National Assembly session Wednesday which looked into the Budgets and Final Accounts committee of the National Assembly. Head of the committee MP Adnan Abdulsamad disclosed 20 reports were completed in cooperation with the State Audit Bureau (SAB) and other financial supervisory bodies, which resulted in the issuance of 2,600 notifications.

The MP added one of the biggest issues facing the State Budgets is what he called the ‘inflammation’ in government spending, which leads to conflicts of operations and specialties in institutions such as the Public Authority for Road Transportation (PART), The Public Authority for Youth Affairs and the Department for Printing the Holy Quran and Sunnah Studies.

This issue requires a stern decision from the government to dissolve or merge the authorities with similar operations and specialties, considering it has withdrawn its most recent legislation to dissolve the Department for Printing the Holy Quran and Sunnah studies and the Public Authority for Youth Affairs.

As for PART, it remains suspended because some governmental institutions refuse to transfer some specialties as stipulated in the law, noting that the government’s directive on this matter is still unclear, which the MP believes indicates discrepancies in governmental directives. Furthermore, the MP also highlighted the importance of settling the conflict between SAB and the Touristic Enterprises Company over the implementation of the law regarding the utilization of state-owned properties on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. He noted that the committee advice for the ministry to re-evaluate its contract with the company and initiate a new one, is full of loopholes and inadequacies compared to the current contract. After allowing the MPs to voice their concerns and proposals, the National Assembly approved the final accounts of 2017/2018 and appended the 2019/2020 budget for the following governmental bodies: Kuwait Municipality: Final Account of 224 million dinars expenditures and 46 million dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 202 million dinars and 37 million dinars worth of revenue.

Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources: Final Account of 91 million dinars expenditures and 8 million dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 97 million dinars and 7 million dinars worth of revenue. Environment Public Authority: Final Account of 19 million dinars expenditures and 503 thousand dinars in revenue.

Projected Budget of 39 million dinars and 435 thousand dinars worth of revenue. Public Authority for Food and Nutrition: Final Account of 5 million dinars expenditures and 52 thousand dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 31 million dinars and 2 million dinars worth of revenue.

Public Authority for Sports Affairs: Final Account of 79 million dinars expenditures and 1 million dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 90 dinars and 2 dinars worth of revenue. Anti-Corruption Public Authority: Final Account of 7 million dinars expenditures and 25 thousand dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 9 million dinars and 30 thousand dinars worth of revenue.

Kuwait Fire Services Directorate: Final Account of 126 million dinars expenditures and 2 million dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 135 million dinars and 3 million dinars worth of revenue. Kuwait Authority for Partnership Projects: Final Account of 2.2 million dinars expenditures and 176 thousand dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 3.4 million dinars and 250 thousand dinars worth of revenue. Public Authority for Applied Education and Training: Final Account of 280 million dinars expenditures and 2 million dinars in revenue.

Projected Budget of 315 million dinars and 5 million dinars worth of revenue. Kuwait University: Final Account of 565 million dinars expenditures and 6 dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 572 dinars and 10 dinars worth of revenue. Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research: Final Account of 107 million dinars expenditures and 7 million dinars in revenue. Projected Budget of 79 dinars and 7 dinars worth of revenue.

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