My Nightmare At Airport Because Of No Residency Permit On Passport And New Civil ID Rules
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Los Angels June 14th - My Nightmare at Airport Because of No Residency Permit on Passport and New Civil ID Rules

I was returning to Kuwait on 14th June 2019 by Qatar Airways, From Los Angeles to Qatar and Qatar to Kuwait. 

I was held up at the LA airport, Qatar airways counter because of my residency permit. They were checking my residence permit in the Passport. My residence was recently renewed in the month of May valid till 7/5/2020. So, as per the new Kuwait regulations everything was mentioned in the Civil ID. I showed them my CIVIL ID and told them that is my residence permit. In Qatar airways counter screen showed Residence permit and Not my CIVIL ID. They told me either I should have a letter from Kuwait mentioning that Residency Permit and Civil ID are the same. I told them that the Residence validity is mentioned in the CIVIL ID. So far mine was the first case it seems in LA They send my Passport and CIVIL ID for verification several times.

I was saved because my old residence permit was valid till 1st July and it was stamped in the Passport and Luckily there was no cancellation stamp. So, I was miraculously saved, and they allowed me to Travel. Otherwise I had to cancel all the flight tickets and had to visit the Kuwait Consulate in LA and get a letter from them. 

I am sharing my experience.
Looks like the Airport Authorities are not aware of the changes reg. Civil ID.
In UAE- in their Card its mentioned “Resident Identity Card”.
In Qatar-in their Card it’s mentioned “Residency Permit”.
In Kuwait - in our Card it’s mentioned Civil ID. Nowhere in our Civil ID it’s mentioned “Resident”.
I hope in our Civil ID also there will add a word “ Residency Permit” so that there is no confusion and henceforth nobody faces a situation like mine.

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