Municipality Seized 10 Tons Of Rotten Foodstuffs
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Kuwait Municipality seized and destroyed 10 tons of rotten foodstuffs found to be unfit for human consumption in Hawally area, as well as four truckloads of used furniture and spoiled electronic gadgets.

According to a source, the emergency team of Hawally Municipality discovered an unlicensed food warehouse in an investment building. The officials stormed the building after few days of surveillance and seized the above mentioned items which included olives and olive oil.

They discovered that the oil had started growing fungus and the expiry date was altered. He elaborated that the seized items included 490 cans of olive oil of weight 16 kilograms each, and 150 cartons of spoiled olives. The officials also issued four citations against the violation of displaying spoiled food for sale and illegitimate manipulation of expiry dates.



03 May, 2017 514
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