Mp Warns Prime Minister Over Oil

07 May 2018 Kuwait

The Environment Committee of the National Assembly met Sunday with officials from several government entities to discuss the issue of ‘fish deaths’ and contamination of the Sabah Al- Ahmad residential area.

Head of the committee, Dr Mohammed Al-Huwailah said that the Environment Public Authority has promised to provide to the Committee a detailed report on the environmental situation in Kuwait. He added, during a meeting Sunday the committee approved a proposal submitted by MP Safa’a Al-Hashem to plant one million saplings with the participation of the concerned parties.

He stressed it was also agreed to discuss the requests of the association of fishermen during the next committee meeting in the presence of the concerned people. Al-Huwailah said the committee is closely following up the decision taken by the Supreme Council for Environment to establish the sewage treatment plants. He added, this decision strengthens the efforts to protect Kuwait’s environment. He explained the committee has welcomed the initiative of Engineer Shuroq Al Sayegh to recycle waste.

He pointed out the committee welcomes all initiatives that serve the nation for a clean environment. Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Budget and Final Accounts Committee Adnan Abdul Samad said the committee met Sunday to discuss the remarks made by the audit department of the Kuwait Airways Corporation KAC for fiscal 2016/2017. He added, the company’s net loss for the fiscal 2017 was KD 106 million.

The KAC chairman told the committee there is a new strategy that will be followed to address the losses during the next phase. He said KD 441 million in losses accumulated by the KAC before it became a subsidiary of the Kuwait Investment Authority have been settled. He pointed out, there is still a cumulative loss of KD 176 million on which action has not yet been taken. Abdul Samad stressed on the need to find a mechanism to collect the company’s debts of KD 164 million, in which the Ministry of Health has the largest share — KD 93 million.

On the disbursement of bonuses to Board of Directors of the Higher Council for Aviation and avoiding it in future (illegally disbursing bonuses and privileges to board members of the Higher Council for Aviation which was worth KD 42,000) he said that the board chairman has assured the KAC that all observations recorded by the Audit Bureau will be reviewed. In another development, MP Omar Al-Tabtabaei has warned the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al- Sabah concerning issues related to the oil sector, saying ‘Mr Prime Minister, we have put you under the microscope and if you do not take a step we will take steps against you.”

Al-Tabtabaei wondered how it is possible that the fate of Kuwait and its people is trusted in the hands of oil leaders. He pointed out that he is waiting for the no-confidence session against the Minister of Oil and Minister of Electricity and Water Bakheet Al-Rashidi next Thursday to see what the government will do to correct what was said during the interpellation. He asked, “Did we really get to the point where MPs have agreements with the government against the parliament’s interest? He stressed that these agreements are carried out in broad daylight, some of which we saw during the interpellation of the Minister of Oil.



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