MP Saleh Ashour Has Presented A Bill To Grant Kuwaiti Women Married To Non Kuwaiti Men Allowances
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MP Saleh Ashour has presented a bill to grant Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaiti men allowances social, children and housing and to continue disbursement of assistance to those in foster care until they are employed. In the bill’s explanatory note, Ashour’s proposal explained Article 3 of Law No. 12/ 2011 on public assistance stipulates disbursing social assistance to certain categories but does not specifically mention Kuwaiti women married to stateless persons (Bedoun).

Therefore he presented this bill to add this category of Kuwaiti women married to Bedoun by replacing the second paragraph (b) of Article 3. Furthermore, Article 14 of the aforementioned law has been amended so that it stipulates on the continuation of disbursing them the assistance throughout the period of their studies until they obtain permanent job.

In a related issue, MP Thamer Al-Suwait warned Minister of Social Affairs and Labor against proceeding with the decision to stop social assistance which is granted to Kuwaiti women married to non- Kuwaitis. He stressed this issue is humanitarian primarily because it touches the lives of Kuwaiti women who have the right to live in dignity and this is guaranteed by the Constitution.

Speaking to reporters, Al-Suwait said “We have declared to stand against all government actions and decisions that will affect citizen’s pocket, and therefore moving in line with our principle that we announced that we categorically reject any infringement on the rights of citizens who have full access to all rights and privileges guaranteed by the law and Constitution men and women.” He explained the number of Kuwaitis benefiting from social assistance provided by the government through the Ministry has reaching almost 1,300.

He said, “We can’t allow the interests of these citizens to suffer due to deliberate and hasty decision.” He pointed out these citizens receive assistance from the State by law and not from anyone. He disclosed, this is according to the social assistance Law No. 12/2011 which was amended by the new law No. 23/ 2013.




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