Mp Mohammad Al-hayef Sent Parliamentary Question To Deputy Prime Minister And Moi

24 August 2017 Crime News

MP Mohammad Al-Hayef sent a parliamentary question to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Major General Khalid Al-Jarrah concerning the entry of Mohammad Al-Fali, a senior Iranian cleric who is banned from entering the country, reports Al-Anba daily.

The response of Ministry of Interior to the question was as follows: The Iranian national Baqer Sayed Ahmad Ragheb Zada, also known as Mohammad Baqer Al-Fali, arrived in Kuwait from Iran via the Kuwait International Airport on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 under the name of Sayed Baqer Sayed Ahmad Ragheb Zada and with a new valid Iranian passport issued by official bodies.

There were no signs of the passport being forged. The authorities provided all necessary security approvals based on the new data. He was registered under a Kuwaiti sponsor, identified as A.J., and he was entered in the database as a different person due to the new name.


Investigations eventually proved that Sayed Baqer Sayed Ahmad Ragheb Zada is the same person as Baqer Sayed Ahmad Ragheb Zada on whom there is a travel ban. He was called to the airport and deported on Thursday, May 25.

His name was again added to the entry ban list. It is worth mentioning that the forgery department at the airport works 24/7 and examines every suspicious passport thoroughly. Ministry of Interior has formed an investigation committee to conduct investigations on the issue.


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