Mp Ahmad Lari Urges Increasing The Weekends From 2 Days To 3 Due To High Temperatures

23 July 2016 Information

MP Ahmad Lari has presented a proposal in which he called for reducing the number of working hours for employees and increasing the weekends from two days to three due to the high temperatures currently prevalent in Kuwait.

In his proposal, Lari explained that the country has been experiencing high temperatures which will continue throughout the months of July and August. In consideration of this, he proposed increasing the official weekends to three days Thursday through Saturday for all state institutions and government agencies. Meanwhile, MP Khalil Abdullah has sent parliamentary questions to the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Bader Al-Essa concerning the field of scientific research in Kuwait.

Firstly, he asked about the priorities of the Kuwaiti government in terms of the subjects for scientific research. He also asked if there is a body higher than Ministry of Education which directs work related to scientific research or whether this aspect is limited to the scientific body under Kuwait University (KU) or the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) or Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR).

Abdullah enquired about the value of the amount allocated annually from the budget of KISR for scientific research in KU, PAAET and KISR each in the last ten years until the current fiscal year. He asked about the number of scientific researches that have been applied in reality by KU, PAAET and KISR each in the last ten years until the date this question was presented.

Abdullah requested for a list of the researches that have been conducted as well as those under study, analysis and survey during the last ten years until the date this request was presented. “What is the amount spent for each of these scientific researches? What are the names and qualifications of the researchers? Clarify whether the research was published in a scientific journal along with the mentioned magazine name and the date of its publication”, MP Abdullah added.

Furthermore, the lawmaker wanted to know the benefits attained from all the scientific researches conducted and released by KU, PAAET and KISR, asking whether they are being taught and applied in reality and if Kuwait has benefitted from any scientific researches on educational aspects or in technology, scientific and practical fields. He wondered if any scientific researches were carried out for advancement of any aspect related to the living conditions in Kuwait, for reducing experiences, increasing educational attainment or creating new discoveries in local, regional or global levels.



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