Move To Stop Visa Transfer From Dependent To Work Visa
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The manpower authority is about to issue a resolution suspending the transfer of dependent (article ) visas to article 18 visas to work for the private sector, local daily Kuwait Times reported.

According to Kuwait Times daily, the decision was made following intensive studies with the aim of preventing expats from changing their residency status.

Daily also added that the aim of this decision is also to limit the spread of marginal labor, including
expats who manage to transfer their visas and get work permits and yet work in activities other than those they transfer to, start their own unlicensed businesses or even provide home delivery services.

The law currently in effect allows the transfer of a spouse’s visa provided the sponsor approves it and is present at the labor department in person to sign an official waiver and transfer form.



06 Jan, 2019 0 863
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