Money-laundering Case Hearing Put Off To Jan 9
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The Criminal Court postponed until Jan 9, 2022 the hearing on a money laundering case involving a former lawmaker and four Iranians who have been accused of smuggling a quarter billion Kuwaiti dinars through a fraudulent real estate transaction in order to wait for report of the Experts Committee. Earlier, the Public Prosecution charged the above-mentioned individuals with money laundering in which the amount involved is about a quarter billion Kuwaiti dinars. Case files indicate the accused acquired the money despite knowing it came from a fraudulent real estate transaction, which is considered a crime.

It has been reported that the accused deposited some of the money to their personal accounts, as well as the accounts of the company owned by a former banking representative, real estate companies, an engineering consultancy office and other companies owned by the former lawmaker in Kuwaiti banks. The money was then transferred from one of the companies of the former lawmaker to the accounts of several people in Canada, Australia, Hungary and the United States of America, for the purpose of disguising and concealing the illegal source of the money.





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