MoI Urges Sponsors To Fix Residency Visas Before Extension Ends On November
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The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has officially announced today that it will extend expired residency and visit visas for an additional three months starting from September 1, 2020 for those currently inside Kuwait. The interior ministry had earlier extended residencies and visas until August 31 amid speculation that no further extensions will be made.

The administration clarified that the decision concerns stranded residents who are inside the country only with residence permits (of all kinds) whose residency has expired, as well as those who entered the country under entry visas or visits (of all kinds) and whose entry visas have expired.

All sponsors and employers are urged to amend the conditions of their sponsored persons and work to complete the procedures for renewing their residency, either through the website of the Ministry of Interior or by going to the departments of residency affairs in the governorates. It also calls on all visitors to organize their travel procedures and to ensure that they leave the country before the deadline expires.



26 Aug, 2020 0 1366
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