MoI To Extend Online Renewal Of Driving Licenses
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Ministry of Interior has already finished the digital processes needed for implementing the online residency renewal system, adding that it is expected to be launched soon

Ministry of Interior seeks to extend the system of online renewal of driving licenses, reports Al-Anba daily quoting security sources.

They explained that the applicants for renewal of driving licenses, following the completion of all the necessary procedures online, will receive a text message with information about the relevant self-service machine they need to go to for receiving their renewed driving licenses.

For replacement of lost or damaged driving licenses, applicants must visit the concerned department based on the address in their civil ID.

In the normal case, the applicant will insert their expired driving license into the machine in order to obtain the new one.

However, if the driving license is lost or damaged, the applicant will not be able to carry out the transaction online. Currently, there are two options available for those seeking to renew their driving licenses – either renew it online or visit the relevant traffic department.

The sources revealed that the ministry is preparing to launch other online services such as receiving applications for new driving licenses.



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