MoI Releases 31 Bangladeshi Protesters
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The Ministry of Interior in reaction to what was published by the Al-Rai daily is said to have released 31 Bangladeshi workers who were taken into custody for allegedly demonstrating in front of their embassy along with others, reports Al-Rai daily.

The security authorities discovered they were victims of visa traders who brought them to Kuwait in mosques and the Mosques Sector of the Ministry of Awqaf, which deprived them of their salaries for several months, and left them vulnerable to financial irregularities and fines, although the value of the contract was about two and a half million dinars for three years.

The 31 released Bangladeshis were among the 208 detainees who demonstrated in front of the embassy of their state and were referred to ten camps, but perhaps they may find their voices falling on deaf ears and may be deprived of the most basic rights, especially that the fines for violating residence law in terms of not renewing the residence permit on time amounts to about 300,000 dinars.

A source familiar with the matter said that “the relevant bodies in the Ministry of Interior are following the videotape of the events of the embassy to determine the responsibility of each person and to release those who did not participate in the riots so as not to be subjected to injustice in the country of humanity.”

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