MOI: Hit-and-Run Incident Leaves 15 Injured On Arabian Gulf Street
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In light of the tragic hit-and-run incident on Arabian Gulf Street, Kuwait's Ministry of Interior (MOI) has intensified its call for strict adherence to road safety regulations in the country. This unfortunate event occurred on a Friday morning, leaving 15 cyclists seriously injured.

As part of a group activity on the public road, these cyclists were reportedly engaged in their sport without the necessary permissions. The MOI stresses that participants in such activities must comply with the country's road safety guidelines. These guidelines require obtaining appropriate authorizations, ensuring the presence of protective security patrols, and designating safe lanes on the roads for such activities.

After the hit-and-run incident, emergency services promptly transferred the injured individuals to nearby hospitals. A local driver, allegedly involved in the accident, collided with over 15 bicycles before fleeing the scene.

The Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has since registered a hit-and-run case in relation to this incident. Surveillance camera footage is currently under review to further ascertain the circumstances of this regrettable event.

In a surprising turn of events, the driver allegedly involved in the hit-and-run on Gulf Street turned himself into the authorities. The Ministry of Interior confirmed that the necessary legal procedures would ensue.

The MOI further urges all who engage in sports activities on main and public roads to comply strictly with the organized regulations. They warned that cycling without a license poses a severe risk to lives. This hit-and-run accident is unfortunately not an isolated incident, with previous similar occurrences reported. As such, the necessity of obtaining a permit from the appropriate authorities, which includes providing protective security patrols for the participants and designating safe lanes on the roads, has been reinforced.

The Ministry of Interior is steadfast in its commitment to the safety of all, urging for the preservation of life through compliance with the road safety regulations in Kuwait.

27 May, 2023 2439
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