MOI Finance Official Testifies In ‘hospitality’ Case, Details Fraud, Forgery Modus Operandi
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The Criminal Court presided by Justice Mute’eb Al-Ardi listened to the testimony of head of the finance oversight in the Ministry of Interior Faleh Al-Shimmari who testified in case no. 56/2018 known as “Interior Ministry Hospitality”, which involves some 24 employees and officials of the Ministries of Interior and Finance.

The defendants have been accused of forgery, major negligence, embezzlement of public funds, and money laundering. The court decided to adjourn the case until Sept 15, 2019 to present documents and cheques that are allegedly for the defendants. It also rejected bail request filed by the defense.

In his testimony, Al-Shimmari stated how money was embezzled through forged documents, of which some bore his signature, and how money was disbursed to several entities using some documents that had no signature, affirming the documents would have been rejected if they had passed through actual oversight and auditing procedures.

The court ended its session by listening to requests by the defense team to grant those in jail bail with financial guarantee the court considers suitable, in addition to lifting the travel ban on defendants released on bail. The defense again requested to be allowed to copy the cross examination session of witnesses, noting the country has set the next session for examining forged documents which were attached to the case file



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