Moi Approved Digital Driving License At Kuwait Mobile Id App

29 November 2021 Kuwait Mobile ID

Within days after the Ministry of Interior said that people must carry the physical driving license and the digital license at My Kuwait Mobile ID application is not enough to carry while driving, the ministry of Interior retracted the statement and informed that the electronic driving license is approved and is treated as a driving license issued by the General Traffic Department.

Within the framework of achieving the future vision of the e-government and in implementation of the Cabinet’s decision to adopt the application of "My Identity App", the electronic driving license issued by Kuwait Mobile ID Application is approved and is treated as a driver’s license issued by the General Traffic Department that supports all electronic procedures that make it easier for citizens and residents to complete their transactions electronically, the Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior stated.

Earlier, it was reported that the digital license is not enough and people must carry physical driving license. However, with this new announcement, the digital license at Kuwait Mobile ID app is equally valid as a driver's license to drive vehicle in Kuwait.



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