Seventh Ring Road from 120 km/hour to 60km/hour is Temporary
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Ministry of Interior affirms that the rumors about the reduction of the speed limit on Seventh Ring Road from 120 km/hour to 60km/hour are not accurate, as this is a temporary step aimed at carrying out some maintenance activities on the road.

In a press release, the Public Relations and Security Media Department of the ministry explained the motorists using this road must reduce their speed to 60 or 80 km/hour at the area where the activities are ongoing.

After they pass the area undergoing maintenance, they can gradually increase the speed. It is necessary for the motorists to abide by the speed limit for the sake of the safety of all road users. The department stressed the need to ensure any information affecting Kuwaiti citizens and expatriates are issued by official media.

04 Jun, 2019 1071
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