MoH Urges Precautionary Measures Due To Rise In Number Of Patients
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The spokesman for the Ministry of Health (MoH) Abdullah Al-Sanad on Tuesday said the rise in coronavirus cases and the number of patients at hospitals requires care and mutual cooperation from all segments in the society to keep achievements made in controlling the spread of the virus.

Speaking at a news conference today, Al-Sanad said increased coronavirus cases caused by travel, social gatherings and wedding parties. Kuwait is not away from the world’s countries especially in light of the mutation of the novel coronavirus and the repercussions of the second wave, he added. He pointed to the importance of maintaining gains and achievements for keeping stability and avoiding a shutdown.

Al-Sanad renewed call for both nationals and residents to avert travel now, saying “we are witnessing and following up repercussions and results of mutated cases in all different strains for the safety of all”. He lauded steps taken by the MoH, in collaboration with all different bodies, to prevent COVID-19 cases from entering the country. Al-Sanad pointed to the suspension of direct flights from more than 30 countries, and reduction of flights and passengers heading to the country. He pointed out that passengers must have a negative PCR analysis valid up to 72 hours, before travel, starting from the date of conducting the swab.

Passengers also will undergo a PCR swab when arriving at Kuwait airport and another one five days later, he stated. There is a specialized team to monitor any new coronavirus strain, he said, noting that after the arrival of Oxford coronavirus vaccines, the pace of the vaccination process will be rapid and accommodate larger numbers. Vaccination depends on the batches of vaccines the country obtains, he explained, stressing the readiness and efficiency of the MoH. He said that people would receive two doses from Oxford vaccines within four weeks at some specialized centers in Kuwait International Fair, and southern and northern country.

In addition to medical staff, workers at the MoH and the front lines, the elderly, people with special needs, and patients with chronic diseases that are included in the previous stage of the vaccination campaign, the nationals aged 40-64 will be added to receive vaccines, he made clear. He declared that the ministry has launched an e-link to facilitate vaccination to patients who are not able to go to receive vaccines in the three centers. They can send an SMS on the telephone number placed on the application to have an appointment, he explained.



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