MOH: The Vehicle Rapid Inspection Center In Sabhan Opens Its Work On Sunday
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The Ministry of Health announced the start of receiving those wishing to take a laboratory test for the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) at the Vehicle Rapid Inspection Center in the Sabhan area, starting next Sunday.

The director of the Ministry’s Public Health Department, Dr. Fahd Al-Ghamlas, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) today that the rapid examination center in Sabhan will provide laboratory tests for the disease, the most important of which is a nasopharyngeal swab (PCR) that comes as part of the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the disease and identify foci of its spread in parallel. With field surveys in different areas for active surveillance.

Al-Ghamlas added that the reception of the auditors will be daily from 5:30 pm in the initial operation stage, provided that the working hours increase after completing that stage to ensure the quality of service and provide it quickly and easily for the auditors.

He explained that the Sabhan Center for Rapid Examination is the third center for the public health sector, in addition to the Jaber Al Ahmad International Stadium Parking Center “Gate 10” and the Long Parking Center for Jazeera Airways next to Kuwait International Airport “Park n Fly”, which were operated and supervised by ambitious and diligent national cadres a month ago. Last May, it continued to work to provide the service daily and without interruption to conduct more than 2,700 scans per day.

He mentioned that the vehicle rapid examination centers are mainly concerned with examining those in contact with positive cases that are counted and arranging for examination in coordination with the public health services in the preventive centers spread in all health areas in the State of Kuwait.

Regarding the capacity of the new center, he stated that the Sabhan center accommodates about a thousand visitors per day, indicating that this number may increase in the future after the completion of the first operational phase.

Al-Ghomlas said that citizens who are not included in the list of contacts of positive cases and who wish to conduct the examination can book an appointment through the link for the examination on the official website of the Ministry of Health «» and attend the examination site specified by the link and highlight the appointment via the electronic code « The barcode of the examination date to be received.

He called on citizens to download the “Shlonak” electronic application before heading to the examination center, which provides the necessary information about the disease and how to communicate with the ministry regarding daily follow-up, whether for suspected or infected cases, to check on their safety and to ensure their compliance with health guidelines related to the disease to overcome its control and prevention.


Source: Aljarida

17 Sep, 2020 2029
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