MOH Issued A Plan To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus Among The Medical Workers
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The Ministry of Health has issued a plan to stop the spread of the Corona virus in medical and health personnel, which depends on intensifying efforts to stop the spread of infection among health workers.

A book addressed to him by the Director of the Public Health Department at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Fahd Al-Ghamlas today, Friday, to the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Affairs, that “given the increasing number of cases in both Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital and Al-Sabah Hospital, and given the danger this health and society poses to this phenomenon, we are urgently proposing the need to start investigation and examination and intensify positive investigation Through conducting detailed epidemiological monitoring to track all those involved in positive cases according to the pre-established contact tracking plan, in order to take a history of their exposure to positive cases personally, accurately and intensively, in addition to quarantine all workers involved in positive cases in these hospitals in all their categories and _Khassathm which proved that they were Mkhatin to Siqin and they do not follow procedures to prevent infection in hospitals is the most important use of personal protective PPE correct when mixing.
Al-Ghumlas called in his book that it is necessary to examine all the close intermixed contacts after the lapse of 14 days from the stone unless they have satisfactory symptoms. In the event of symptoms appear, isolation and examination and investigation immediately.

He said that all employees of Mubarak Hospital and Maternity Hospital in Al-Sabah Health Zone should be examined by taking a nasal annular swab to examine the PCR, then the health status of the hospital will be evaluated and appropriate preventive measures taken in line with the results.

Prevent infection

Al-Ghumlas stressed the need to adhere to the preventive precautions and all recommendations for preventing infection specific to the ways to prevent infection from the “Covid 19” virus, and the necessity of obligating all workers in health facilities to wear masks during the period of their presence in the facilities, whether during contact with patients or any of the employees of the facility with following the proper method To wear and take off gags.

The director of the Public Health Department recommended that when transporting workers from their places of residence, health workers from different buildings should not mix in the same bus, and that all employees wear masks during transportation while leaving a vacant seat between each passenger and the other, and gatherings are strictly prohibited during eating meals or drinks as is done Prevent gatherings in breaks within the facility.

He stressed the need to reduce the number of working groups in all categories to the minimum that can provide adequate health services, and refer the rest to domestic isolation in order to ensure that they are free of Corona virus infection, and that all workers are divided into groups that do not mix with each other When performing the work, and that the numbers of workers for cleaning and transportation are reduced and transferred to designated housing near hospitals, and that the housing is suitable and healthy and does not contribute to the transmission of infection between them.

Al-Ghumlas suggested that a complete training program be conducted for all categories of workers, training them on social spacing and wearing appropriate preventive equipment, provided that it is mandatory for all workers, recommending administrative measures to be taken against anyone who does not adhere to these preventive measures.



25 Apr, 2020 2094
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