MoH - Escalator Accident Child Receiving Full Care
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The Ministry of Health is monitoring the condition of a child who along with his mother had an accident on a mall escalator recently. Dr Abdullah Al-Sanad said in a statement yesterday that the health ministry is keen to provide the best health care for the child and his mother "within the ministry's main principles that aim at applying total quality standards and boost the safety and efficacy of health services presented to all patients."

Dr Sanad thanked medical teams for their efforts "that helped rescue the mother and her child, as they dealt with the case within hours after the accident, as well as those rendering the services now." He wished the child and his family to overcome this ordeal successfully.

Earlier, last week, a child was taken to hospital after getting his foot stuck in an escalator at a famous mall in the country. Later the leg was amputated at hospital. The incident raised an alarm for all parents to stay vigilant, especially with children when riding on escalators at all times. Parents must take utmost care, specially when the kids stand on the sides or the edges of escalator. Experts also warns that "some types of soft-soled shoes can get caught in escalator stairs."



06 Aug, 2021 1150
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