MOF Takes Strict Measures To Track Down Companies Evading Tax Returns
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The Ministry of Finance has launched a number of new measures to track down companies which evade paying taxes, reports Al-Qabas daily. The daily quoting reliable sources said this is done in cooperation with several institutions, including the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI), the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Information.

The sources stressed the Ministry of Finance in the face of the phenomenon of disappearance of a number of companies and evasion of payment of their taxes will publish names of such companies in the official gazette Kuwait Alyawm, in preparation to filing lawsuits, which calls for the issuance of a set of procedures and rules to dealing with such companies. Through the publication of claims in the official gazette would be a way of dealing with three types of companies.

■ The company, body or institution or its representative which refuse to receive the tax notice issued by the ministry or postman.

■ Closed company or body or institution, or closing the place of work or absence of representative.

■ Unknown nationality or location, or mailbox or fax number. The new procedures indicate that if the company’s address, PO Box or fax number is not known, the Finance Ministry will inquire about the company’s address and of the person who represents it, his home address in Kuwait from the PACI.

If it is found that the company or the representative has a home address within the State of Kuwait he will be notified, and if it is found that there is no headquarters or home of the representative in Kuwait, the tax notice will be published in the official gazette, to replace the personal receipt of the notification.

In the event any of the previous cases (refusal to receive, closing the company, not knowing the address) are available, the Inspection and Tax Claims Department will publish notices in the official gazette.

Following the completion of the publication procedures in the offi- cial gazette, the Ministry of Finance will file a lawsuit against the company to collect the due amounts.

The sources confirmed that there are companies reluctant to pay taxes, including a global company which entered Kuwait and carried out a number of works, and then refused to pay the taxes, in addition to many of the local companies that have disappeared and liquefied the work before paying taxes, which forced the ministry to take strict measures to collect tax.

The source said a large sum of taxes are due from non-oil revenues, where the value of taxes imposed during the previous fiscal year was about 135 million dinars imposed on foreign companies operating in Kuwait, while the value of taxes collected from local companies was about 80 million dinars.

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