MOF Has Addressed The MEW To Submit Request To CSC To Provide National Personnel For Tasks As Stipulated In Tender
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Ministry of Finance has addressed the Ministry of Electricity and Water to submit a request to Civil Service Commission (CSC) on its behalf to provide the national personnel for tasks as stipulated in a tender submitted for approval as regards technical services and maintenance activities at the water operations and maintenance sector, reports Al-Rai daily.

The source explained that the Ministry of Electricity and Water’s response to the proposal indicated the nature of the work is difficult and hazardous and needs precision in the transport and storage of chemical materials, in addition to hazardous areas that need specialists to continue round the clock.

They revealed that the nature of work as stipulated in the tender consists of providing manpower to carry out 7 tasks, including operation and maintenance of the sterilization system using chlorine gas and chlorine dioxide, Sodium hydroxide system, and auto-analyzing system in the batching stations found in various locations in Kuwait.

Other tasks are: development of chlorine injection system; operation and maintenance of ground water boreholes in various parts of the country, which include lifting and lowering of submerged pumps in the boreholes in various sites.

Also, it includes water control and operation center in Shuweikh and Mina Abdullah by which 38 water pumping stations are linked and needs proper monitoring routine, in addition to maintenance and operation of pumps used in transporting water to the storage tanks for optimal production at the distillation stations.

The tasks also involve round the clock proper follow-up of the rate of water flow, pressure and storage levels for water, and operating furnaces for melting metals for the manufacturing of necessary parts for the electricity power stations and water distillation plants.



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