MOF Demands Govt Offices To Submit Reports On State Property Infringement Cases
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 Ministry of Finance has addressed ministries, government departments and agencies with attached and independent budgets, requesting for statements showing cases of infringement of state’s real estate properties that these entities own, or that have been designated as private property, reports Al-Rai daily.

The ministry stressed the need to indicate the measures taken by each party to eliminate any abuse or transgression on the state’s real estate properties, provided that it submits it with this disclosure before November of each year, so that the ministry can prepare a list of all these infringements and the measures taken in this regard.

The ministry stated that this procedure is based on article No. 19 of law No. 116/2014 regarding the partnership between the public and private sectors, amended by some provisions of decree law No. 105/1980 in the matter of the state property system.

The aforementioned law stipulates that the government, within one year from the date this law comes into effect, and then during the month of January of each year, must submit to the National Assembly a disclosure of the cases of abuse or transgression on state properties, with an indication of the measures it has taken to eliminate this exposure.



13 Nov, 2020 509
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