MOCI Pretended To Be Customers And Inspections Conducted On Shops
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Members of an inspection team from the Price Control Department of Ministry of Commerce and Industry pretended to be customers in order to determine if any shops are taking advantage of the current festive season to increase the prices of their goods.

With the advent of Eid Al-Fitr celebrations, the surprise inspections were conducted on shops that sell children’s toys in Riggae as well as barbershops. A total of 12 citations were issued for the violation of displaying prices that are not the actual prices of various goods and commodities. Citations were also issued against some women spas which hiked the prices of their services in violation of the prevailing rules and regulations that govern the sector.

After the raids, Head of the team Hamed Al-Dhufairi said, “Ministry of Commerce and Industry conducts regular monitoring of shops and prices to ensure shop owners are not manipulating the prices especially during public occasions such as Eid”.

He indicated that some barbershops increase the prices of their services, taking advantage of the fact that their customers are under time pressure especially with the approach of Eid. Al-Dhufairi affirmed that Ministry of Commerce and Industry is against any unauthorized increase of prices and it will continue to issue citations against those who violate the price list set by the ministry.

He stressed the need for the public to contact the Consumer Affairs Department of the ministry through its hotline No. 135 to report any price manipulations, affirming that the department will dispatch its inspection teams to determine such reports and take further legal measures after confirmation.


25 Jun, 2017 1049
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