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 In the recent days www.moci.shop has become necessity website for everyone to do grocery shopping.

1. In moci.shop you can book appointment for all Cooperative Socities , Cooperative Branches , Most of the Super Markets and Hyper Markets and Fish Markets.

2. Shopping Appointment is available only in Curfew hours,

3. Previously you can book appointment for the stores available in your area , now hyou can book appointment for any area.

4. As i observed , appointment is vailable only coming two days not more than that.

5. Lulu Salmiya mostly not available , its always show as not available try early morning times


Lulu Branch Appointment Codes
Branch Name Number /Code


How to do Shopping Appointment Booking Online

Visit the website https://www.moci.shop

Select the prefered Language from the dop down in the Menu as English

Enter your Civil ID No , Civil Serial, Name, Cell Phone Number,Reservation Time Period, E-Mail Address, For Cooperative Socities and Super Markets Choose Cooperative Socities in BookingBooking Destination and click on Choose the Market

Moci Shop

Once you click on Choose Market , you will get below screen

Moci Shop English

- if you are not staying as per you civil id address , then you have to select my address doesn't match my civil id info, and yothing ou have to Auto Number of flat whaere you are staying now (Auto number is nothing but PACI no , which will be located outside of your flat),


Then select Cooperative Markets or Hyper Markets Available in your area (the system will show only markets in your area), it will show available time as below, select your suitable time


Moci Shop Appointment English


You can even get appointment at curfew time also which helps to do the shopping even Curfew time also. If the appointment time is during curfew hours then you will get two barcodes, one for allowing you to leave your house during curfew hours and the other one for the co-op to allow you to shop.

You can choose a date and time to shop in your areas central co-op or its branches there crowding and long queues in front of co-ops and shopping centers will be reduced and smooth shopping experience will be gained and also eliminate the spreading of corona virus. More shops will be added in coming days if this initaive is succeeded.

Once you select your suitable time, you will get confirmation, please save the reefrence no and screeenshot of Bar Codes because you may or may not get emails, without reference no you can;t modify or cancel booking


You can even Search already done appointment by clicking on Search Appointment and Provide details like Civil ID, Booking Reference and click on Search.

Cancel Moci Shop Appintment


Once you book the appointment , please make a note of reference no , and take screenshot of Bar codes, you may not get email sometimes, to change or cancel appointment reference no is mandatory

Note  - You may not get email , so please save the reference no



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