Mistakes In English Names On Vaccination Certificates Raises Concern
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The Ministry of Health (MoH) began issuing vaccination certificates a few days ago, which will be a prerequisite for entering some facilities in the country or even to travel to another country after a while. Despite the attempts to streamline the vaccination process, there have been complaints of discrepancies and differences between English names written on the certificate compared to the names written on the passports and the Civil ID. Among the complaints is that the passport number is not available on the certificate, Al Qabas daily reported.

There are increasing concerns that the vaccination certificate will not be recognized if it contains fundamental errors. The differences in the names on the certificate from the names written on the passports and the civil id card, may cause problems for citizens and expats as they pass through check-in counters at the airports or land ports. This is especially a cause for concern as some activities are expected to be allowed locally after Eid al-Fitr, as well as the opening of some airports and the possibility of travel. Thus, accuracy with regards to names and other details between the passports and the vaccination certificate is especially important.

Health sources confirmed to Al-Qabas that MoH’s technical teams in are working to correct any errors or differences discovered on the vaccination certificates for people who received two doses of the vaccine, or a dose after recovering from the Coronavirus infection. Any reports of such discrepancies are dealt with strictly to ensure that citizens and expats movement are not hindered in the future.

The sources added that MoH, as part of its services provided during the vaccination process, allocated the ‘Ask me’ office at the Kuwait Vaccination Center (Hall 5), to receive any issues or complaints with regards to the vaccination certificates or any errors, provided the passport and the civil card is also provided, to make sure that the names and details are recorded accurately and properly.

The sources stated that the office also has male and female employees to respond to any other inquiries related to the national vaccination campaign, vaccinations and other information requests, if any.

The ministry also provided a hotline to respond to complaints or inquiries for the public to have access to health information regarding vaccinations.

Incorrect details on the vaccination certificate can be amended, and the certificate can be reissued again through the Immune App.



08 May, 2021 1526
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