Ministry Of Interior And Manpower Authority To Intensify Security Campaigns
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Kuwait's Ministry of Interior, in partnership with the Manpower Authority, has announced plans to launch extensive security campaigns to deport all violators of residency laws in the country. According to reports, an estimated 182,000 illegal workers, many of whom are registered under fake companies, are residing in residential areas across Kuwait.

To combat the issue, the committee responsible for demographic changes, led by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, as well as Acting Minister of Defense, Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled, has instructed relevant authorities to take additional measures to prevent residency fraud and sales.

The committee has also called for stricter measures to prevent individuals from obtaining commercial licenses or renting shops in complexes without an actual address or activity. These measures will be implemented across various regions in Kuwait to reduce incidents of tampering and selling of residencies.

The security campaigns will involve strict checks in residential areas and commercial establishments to apprehend all individuals who have violated residency laws. The campaign is set to be launched soon and will continue until all violators are deported from the country.

Kuwaiti authorities urge all expatriates to abide by the residency laws and renew their visas on time. Failure to comply with the residency laws could result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and deportation.

26 Mar, 2023 1187
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