Ministry Of Finance Offers 9 E-services And Joins 'easy For Business Owners' App

29 November 2022 Sahel App

With the aim of helping owners of companies and institutions complete transactions through a single window, the Ministry of Finance has joined the "easy for business owners" application by providing nine electronic services for its state property sector. As part of the government's digital transformation strategy, we will facilitate procedures for speedy completion of transactions for business owners within the framework of digital transformation.

One of these services, according to a local Arabic daily, pertains to state property in the markets, such as paying the market's annual dues, issuing a replacement receipt for a lost receipt, issuing a replacement for a lost license, issuing a replacement for a lost contract, and issuing a certificate to whoever is concerned.

Cooperative societies also receive four services related to state property, namely the payment of annual dues, the issuance of a replacement receipt if a society's dues are lost, the issuance of a replacement contract to replace a lost association contract, and the issuance of a certificate to those affected.


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