Ministers Work To Revive Citizens' Aspirations
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Kuwaitis and residents have once again revived their hopes that their social lives will be just as they were in the past, where they can spend holidays with their family and friends. The Kuwaiti government has shown its determination to return to the glory days of entertainment for adults and children. Will Kuwait's "gondola" cool those thirsty for fun and entertainment?

A new look entertainment city on the coast, with a total area of 2.570 million square meters, once fell under the scope of the Tourism Projects Company, but is now being handled by the Minister of Finance. He was recently tasked by the Council of Ministers to coordinate with a number of government agencies to implement the project as quickly as possible. According to a local Arabic newspaper, the project is particularly important for its economic and social impact, as it is a huge recreational outlet that families from all Gulf countries visit on holidays, as well as children, men, and women of all ages.

In light of the government's serious intention to move the wheel of development and begin a new era of reform and reconstruction in all fields, we spoke to some experts and specialists in economics, psychology and social affairs to consider how important the project in its entirety is and when it will be completed.

Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry Board Member Osama Al-Nisf said that "communities need entertainment projects, especially if they are successful and integrated. A number of the new projects will contribute to Kuwait's Vision 2035."

Such projects are essential for meeting the needs of society and strengthening the state's economy, and he hoped to overcome all obstacles in order to carry out the project within a specified period of time.

At Kuwait University, Dr. Khaled Al-Rasheed, a faculty member at the College of Engineering, characterized recreational places as “the backbone of tourism,” referring to the fact that “entertainment is the main element for attracting tourists, and one of the centers of the economy, and contributes to maintaining citizens and residents in the country during the summer months.”

Kuwait's Vision 2035 envisions five similar projects distributed throughout the governorates, in which games and entertainment will be diversified, as they are vital to development. The entertainment component of an integrated city should not be overlooked when it is being constructed.

The entertainment cities are a place where families can gather, where fathers go out with their children and mothers go out with their children. As a result, it must be comprehensive in all respects and include various games suitable for all ages and groups, stressing that they must be of a cultural, educational and entertaining nature to benefit the whole family.

Dr. Amthal Al-Huwaila, a psychology professor at Kuwait University, thanked the Council of Ministers for recognizing the needs of citizens by accelerating the construction of the new entertainment city. According to her, recreational activities are essential in any society to relieve stress caused by life, study, and work.

According to Al-Huwailah, the project should be completed within one year at most, so Kuwait can resume being the incubator for families from all neighboring countries, as it once was. According to him, the implementing agency can accomplish this during this time period by partnering with specialized companies to provide games and include them in the program. There is everything a family needs.

It was her hope to learn from the experiences of some countries that built huge tunnels and bridges within a record time frame.

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