Ministerial Decision To Grant Violators A Temporary Residence For A Period Of 3 Months
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Anas Al-Saleh, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Minister of State for Kuwaiti Council of Ministers Affairs issued a ministerial decree granting residents in conflict with temporary residence valid for a period of three months, starting from March 1, 2020, with a maximum of all conditions ending on May 31, 2020.

The General Department of Relations and Security Media of the Ministry of Interior said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that the decision bearing the number “355 for the year 2020” includes those whose residency or entry characteristics have expired from March 1 and after and expire next May 31 automatically through the computer system in cooperation With the ICT sector.

She explained that the decision comes in view of the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through at the present time in order to facilitate citizens and residents, and in view of the disruption of work in all ministries, government agencies, public bodies and institutions until the date of April 26, in implementation of the circular of the Civil Service Bureau No. 10 of 2020.

She added that the decision also comes to complement the efforts made by the Ministry of Interior and its relentless endeavor to address the situation of violators in the country, which reflects positively on the security, humanitarian and economic side.

It indicated that the beneficiaries of this decision are:

1 – Those residing in the country only who hold residency “of all kinds” who have expired.

2 – Those who entered the country according to entry visas or visits “of all kinds” and the expiry date of their entry passes.

It reported that during this period the sponsor or the employer is to automatically adjust the status of the violator who was granted temporary residence by completing the residence procedures previously granted to him through the website of the Ministry of Interior «



16 Apr, 2020 1424
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