Minister Rebuffs KUNA’s Recurring Mistakes
Category: Information
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Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi on Monday expressed rejection of recurring errors by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) in its newscast recently. The minister has affirmed his rejection of irresponsible acts that harm history of the official news agency.

Minister Al-Mutairi, in a press statement, said KUNA’s deputy director general and the team involved in the incident would be subject to investigations to determine circumstances of the issue and bring slack staff into account for sake of ensuring that such mistakes do not recur in the future. Such errors will not be allowed in the future, he has emphasized.

The news agency plays a crucial role in coverage of local and international news with utter credibiACClity and transparency as it is a reliable source, however the errors that have taken place affect its eminent status, the information minister has added. Moreover, Minister Al-Mutairi has affirmed that he will work for restoring the situation at the news agency.



12 Jan, 2021 221
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