Merry Driver Leaves Seat Of Moving Truck
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Saudis are pressing for harsh punitive action against a driver, allegedly a Yemeni national, who left the driving seat empty as his truck moved on a busy highway. The staggering video clip of the driver leaving the seat was filmed by the passenger while the two were listening to Yemeni tunes and seemingly having a good time, totally oblivious of the dangers they were posing to themselves and the other motorists on the highway.
The clip was the latest in a series of staggering footages that were posted on social media showing reckless acts by drivers, including children, on the road. In December, the blogosphere expressed shock following the posting of a clip showing a child behind the steering wheel of a car moving at a high speed in what seemed a response to a challenge.
No details were provided about the 20-second clip that went viral on the Internet and triggered angry reactions about the whole situation and shock about the nonchalance of the child driver.
“We are now afraid that cars in Saudi Arabia are turning into time bombs because of such reckless drivers and terrible parenting,” Visitor, a blogger, posted. “There is a serious issue with the teenagers and now with the pre-teenagers as they take to the road.”
Silver, another blogger, said the father should be severely punished. “The main culprit is the father,” Silver said. “He has obviously failed his son, but. More menacingly, he has failed the nation and put innocent people’s lives at risk. In September, Saudis called for prompt and severe action after a seven-year-old child was spotted driving a family on a highway near the capital Riyadh.
The video captured by another driver showed a busy highway with several large trucks passing near the child-driven vehicle. Social media users called for authorities to summon the vehicle owner and punish him severely for his irresponsible behaviour and for putting people’s lives at risk.
“The foolish man sitting next to the child should be caught and put on trial,” Abu Nawas, a blogger, said. “It is obvious that he still needs guidance despite his age. He is totally unaware of the dangers he is causing by allowing a child to drive a family car on a busy highway. Leniency with the car owner will undoubtedly result in dramas and catastrophes,” he warned.
In April, A video showing a young boy driving a van in Saudi Arabia at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour has sparked outrage and warnings to parents. The 15-second clip records a young boy seemingly less than 10 years old, driving the GMC vehicle and overtaking cars on a busy highway in the Saudi kingdom.
The clip was shot by a van passenger while traditional music was playing. The traffic police said they were alarmed by the recording and warned parents would be held legally responsible for allowing their underage sons to drive.
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