Medical Test Reports Directly Sent To Immigration Department
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My wife did medical test yesterday in Um Al-Haymen and blood test at Fahaheel. How do I check the medical report after completing blood and x-ray tests? How do I know whether my wife is fit or unfit? Unfortunately if some problem is found in x-ray then what will they do? Does the Kuwait government provide another chance? Please kindly answer I’ve read your page but in my case there is no relevant answer.

Name withheld

Answer: We assume that your wife took these tests for the purpose processing her residence permit. If our assumption is correct, then the answer to your first question is that the result of the tests taken will be sent directly to the Immigration Department of the Governorate, where your wife’s documents were issued. This means that if your wife is declared fit her application for a residence permit will go through. On the other hand if she is declared unfit the test result will not be sent to Immigration and if after several visits there without any information about the test result, then your wife has to contact the Health Ministry’s Department in charge of such tests for direction.



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