Medical Employees Expressed Rejection Of Racial Speeches Against Expats
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A number of doctors and medical employees expressed their rejection of the recent widespread racial talks targeting expatriates in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily. Consultant Endocrinologist, and Diabetes and Internal Medicine Consultant at Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital and activist Dr Anwar Yaqoub Hayati stressed that the recent increase of racial speeches against expatiates in a country, which is known for its benevolence and humanitarian attitude, is really “strange and new”. He condemned the description of expatriates as “colonists”, insisting that this is a barbarian description that lacks any traces of justice.

Dr Hayati affirmed that the issue of population imbalance needs to be urgently solved as Kuwait does suffer from excess number of expatriates. However, the solution to this problem must be reached through civilized and humanitarian ways. He said, “We keep searching for solutions based on our reactions to a certain issue without paying any attention to the reasons behind that issue”.

Dr Hayati asked, “What has the government done for punishing visa traders who are actually responsible for this issue?”.




19 Jan, 2017 1086
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